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1945 Air Forces Mod Apk Classic Arcade v3.34 Unlimited Money

In our ancient time, we had world war form year 1940 to 1945 on the based on this event 1945 Air Forces Game has released on google play store. The game’s name describes it all: it is an arcade shooting game based on the air war against our enemy countries. Exactly it is the competition really that ‘vast’. We chose to take a closer look, we have decided to have an article on the game covering the gameplay aspects and share some reviews.

We have covered its features, and how to use them. We also tested it’s Screen Graphics & Controls about the planes. We were impressed of it’s Speed & Stability in Performance at even lesser ram and configurations.

We must say that this game is promising Arcade Game and is following a legendary general’s plans: You must defeat your enemies and throw away invaders.

Basically, this includes various types of troupes which are recruited and trained with very harsh conditions each group is assigned to fight the battle depending on their skills. The Battalion & Infantry’s job is the kill the enemy by standing up front. They can have various types of Vehicles, Boats and the main attraction of this game is the famous 1945 Air force which was an important part of the winning world war.

There are many types of air force units present in the game, and most of them are consist of individual units, which makes all these units deadliest in the result. Most units are armed with the latest guided missiles and can destroy any enemy aircraft in the air.

Player has to stay in the front of the more central as the role of characters is the fireman, whose role it is to kill the troops before they launch any fire as well as the rescue building that is planned on the map. This duty becomes more challenging as you have to protect the main building of your country from the enemy’s eye. You have to destroy and occupy as many as an area of the enemy to end the war and declare peace. At the beginning of a game, you are given very basic aircraft but as you gain more points in the game you have the chances to upgrade your infantry as well as recruit more soldiers to your unit.

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There is one map given to ease your direction and target your aim destination, which consists of lots of threat which are positioned at different grounds which are hidden you habve to tackle all this higher and lower battlefields.

There are two types of game mode online and offline multiplayer or single player mode.


1945 Air Forces Mod Apk is a pretty entertaining 2D Shooting game with lots of exciting elements. The gamers all around the world are feeling quite cool, as are the more elements are added in the newer version, the user interfaces design of the scale and smooth elegant animations make this game even more comfort to the eyes. So you can play this game with a longer time of period.

Graphics & Console Controls

1945 Air Forces Game comes with great screen graphics that are somewhat recollective of the original game war.

The game is developed by the ONESOFT and released on the both Android and iOS version extensively, so we can enjoy playing this fantastic development. Note that these developers are expert in the development of this kind of games.

Speed Control & Stability Performance

This game is very less in size around 95 MB, which make this game to run very smoothly even at 2GB ram smartphone. This probably illustrates why the app never crashes on the console.

Price of the Game

1945 Classic Arcade Game is available for 2.16$ on the Google Play Store. If you don’t want to purchase this app may introduce some advertisement during your gameplay.


1945 Classic Arcade v3.34 Free Shopping Mod Apk


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