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Action Launcher: Pixel Edition v38.2

A Device need some personalization for look better and a launcher is one of the option to get your device look premium.

So for mobile device to look premium you need a good launcher with plus features. Andropoint brings you a premium launcher with plus mod.

Action Launcher: constituent Edition v38.2 is that the definitive Material style launcher, that includes of the design and feel of constituent Launcher, then adding a wealth of color, customization and distinctive options therefore you’ll quickly and simply create your home screen shine!

What’s New:

• Revamp the app’s overall look & feel, embracing Pie’s color and styling.
• Overhauled app settings (including addition of settings search).
• Added the 2019 Supporter Badge, including five bonus wallpapers!
• Proper infinite scrolling for Dock and Home screens.
• More fine-grained Quicktheme controls.
• Restore the “Lock device” shortcut trigger.
• Use Pixel Launcher styling for All Apps search bar.
• A heap more!

Action Launcher 1

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition v38.2

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